The Elkhorn Athletic Association offers competitive Lacrosse for both beginners and experienced players.

EAA has brought girls' and boys’ Lacrosse to Elkhorn in the Spring of 2023 and we are getting excited for our third spring season in 2025! EAA Lacrosse will be for 3rd-8th grade boys and girls. Age ranges are determined by USA Lacrosse for 14U, 12U, and 10U teams, but 7th & 8th graders are generally 14U, 5th & 6th graders are generally 12U, and 3rd & 4th graders are generally 10U.  Our teams will compete in the Omaha Lacrosse Club League.  (10U girls will be more of an academy-style practice, with the possibility of  Sunday games depending on the numbers that sign up.)

Lacrosse is a fun and fast-paced sport for both girls and boys where players learn catching, cradling, passing, ground balls, shooting, dodging and defending.  Our recreational program is focused on athlete development including footwork, speed, agility & endurance for a well-rounded athlete that compliments many other sports.  Girls lacrosse is a non-contact sport with minimal equipment, while boys lacrosse is a contact sport with helmets and pads required.

"Lacrosse is probably the best sport I ever played...I'd rather play lacrosse six days a week and football on the seventh."

-Jim Brown

"One of the FUNNEST sports I have ever played in my life."

-Travis Kelce


President of Lacrosse / JOHN BRUMMER



Registration Open December 1st - February 1st

Welcome to the second season of EAA Lacrosse! 


Prior to registering for the lacrosse season, all players will need to register for a membership with USA Lacrosse ($35).  This provides insurance for the players and many lacrosse resources.  All players competing in the Omaha Lacrosse League are required to have a USA Lacrosse membership and your membership number will be required in the EAA registration process.  We will be required to provide USA Lacrosse Membership numbers to the OLC for all of our players.

Register for USA Lacrosse here: USA Lacrosse Membership  

Age groups are determined by USA Lacrosse.  EAA is accepting girls and boys born prior to August 31, 2015 and after September 1, 2009.  To check your child's birth date, refer to the following chart: USA Lacrosse Age Reference Chart  

Lacrosse is a fun and fast-paced sport for boys and girls where players learn catching, cradling, passing, ground balls, shooting, dodging and defending.  It is now officially a sport that will be included in the 2028 Olympics!  Our recreational program is focused on athlete development including footwork, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination & endurance.  Lacrosse develops the total athlete and is the perfect compliment to any sport.  Did you know that boys and girls lacrosse are fairly different?  Girls lacrosse is non-contact (about the same amount of contact you would expect in basketball) and does not require helmets and pads, only eyewear and a mouthguard. Boys lacrosse is a contact sport where helmets and pads are required.  There is also a difference in sticks.  Boys have a much larger pocket on their sticks, while girls' pockets are very shallow.  Some male defensemen are able to carry a longer stick, while in the female game, all the sticks are a similar regulation length.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have by calling Anne Inzerello at 402-289-8358.

Elkhorn teams compete within the Omaha Lacrosse Club League with other teams in the Omaha/Lincoln Metro area.  Games are held on Sundays (with the occasional Saturday for tournament play) at the Nebraska Multi Sport Complex in La Vista.  EAA is will have teams for 10U, 12U and 14U boys and girls.  The 10U girls will be more academy-style practices, but will hopefully have an opportunity for games as well, depending on the number of female 10U registrants in the Omaha area. 

Pricing is determined by the Omaha Lacrosse Club (OLC).  The difference in price ($40) accounts for what they charge in addition to purchase one of their pinnies.  Our jersey costs are included in our registration.  We are only charging $40 as well for a jersey, even though the cost for ours is $54, so that we can match the same pricing as the OLC.

The lacrosse season will begin in March 2024.  The season runs from March through May.  Registration fees cover team league fees, practice field usage and lining, referees, team equipment (balls, goals, goalie equipment, etc.), and a JERSEY.

Practices will be twice a week for 12U and 14U and once a week for 10U, with games on Sundays.  Practices will be held on the field immediately north of Trinity Classical Academy (800 N. Front Street, Waterloo).  More details will be available closer to the start of the season.  

Please Note:  Boys 10U Team is FULL, but we are currently taking participants on a waitlist to see if we can form a 2nd team.  Please fill out the Google Form HERE if you have a 10U Boy.



EAA Lacrosse is happy to continue a partnership with Off the Bench! Off the Bench will provide discounts for EAA Lacrosse players on equipment and starter packages. On Sunday, February 25th from 12-2pm, Off the Bench will be conducting an Equipment Fitting and Open House at their store just for EAA families to help you know what to buy and get outfitted for the season. (5413 S. 72nd St. #105, Omaha, NE 68127).

Try Lax Clinic - Saturday, August 17th

What: This one day clinic is ideal for those who would like to try lacrosse without the commitment of buying equipment.  This small taste of lacrosse is designed to help a player decide if he or she would like to play the sport.  Registration for OLC's Fall Season will still be open at this time & will give you time to sign up, if desired. Fundamentals will be the emphasis and will be learned in a fun, play-based clinic.  This will be a non-contact environment with a softer ball, so protective equipment will not be needed.
Who: Girls and Boys ages 7-15
When:  Saturday, August 17th  9:00-10:30am
Where:  West Grass Field @ Elkhorn High School (1401 Veterans Drive, Omaha, NE 68022)
Cost:  $10


Those who have had some experience playing lacrosse before who want to improve stick skills and lacrosse IQ (field sense) in a fun, game-oriented setting.  All skill levels welcome.
Tuesdays in June 7:00pm-8:00pm
  West Grass Field @ Elkhorn High School (1401 Veterans Drive, Omaha, NE 68022)
  Each session will begin with warm-ups and a point of emphasis/learning for the week.  Then teams will be divided and the remainder of the time will be spent playing a game in a small-sided scrimmage.  Scrimmages could be anywhere from 3v3 to 6v6, depending on numbers, so there will be plenty of touches for everyone!

These will be non-contact (no checking) games, according to USA Lacrosse's Flex 6 rules, so no equipment is needed.  However, boys are encouraged to still wear their gloves so they maintain the same feel with their throwing & catching.  We will be using a Swax Lax ball (mimics the weight of a real lacrosse ball, but softer) to allow players to participate without the usual protective gear.  Not only will this be more comfortable in the summer heat, but it allows players to really focus on basic skill development, off-ball movement, team strategy and game sense.




Practices will be one to two times per week for 12U and 14U players and once a week for 10U players. Practices will be held on the field immediately north of Trinity Classical Academy (800 N. Front Street, Waterloo). 

1st Practice - March 5th (Weather Permitting)
1st Game - March 24th (the last Sunday of EPS Spring Break)

Boys Lacrosse will have teams for 14U, 12U and 10U players.  
Girls Lacrosse will have teams for 14U and 12U players and an academy-style team for 10U girls (possibility of games based on Metro area numbers).
Age requirements are imposed by USA Lacrosse:

  • 14U Birth dates between 9/1/09 and 8/31/11  (Generally 7th & 8th graders)
  • 12U Birth dates between 9/1/11 and 8/31/13  (Generally 5th & 6th graders)
  • 10U Birth dates between 9/1/13 and 8/31/15 (Generally 3rd & 4th graders)

EAA Lacrosse teams will be competing in the Omaha Lacrosse Club league and those games will primarily be on Sundays. (*There will be some Saturday game opportunities for 12U and 14U girls.) Games will take place at CHI Multi-sport Complex (I-80 and Giles) - same location as last year, just with a new name.

*Please Note: 12U and 14U GIRLS may be invited to have additional opportunities to play teams from other areas:

  • Girls Games in West Des Moines Saturday, April 13
  • Girls Games in Sioux Falls Saturday, April 20
  • Girls Games in Kansas City either Saturday April 6 or Saturday May 4
  • There will still be Sunday games when games are played out of town.


12U & 14U BOYS Tuesdays & Thursdays @ TCA
12U & 14U GIRLS Wednesdays & Fridays @TCA
10U BOYS Wednesdays @TCA
10U GIRLS Fridays @TCA



Boys: gloves, elbow pads, helmet, shoulder/rib pads, stick, mouth guard

Girlseye protection, stick, mouth guard (non-contact)


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